Play is the Work of Childhood

- Maria Montessori


To begin the enrollment process please click on the link below:

We welcome your application!  Please start by completing the application form using the link above. After completing the application you will receive an email with a separate link to pay your non-refundable application fee, after which your child will be added to the wait list. The application fee payment does not provide guarantees of enrollment or a time frame for enrollment. We encourage all families to tour our school and attend an information session prior to completing your application and fee payment. The wait list is a fluid process of changing ages of children, desired start dates, consideration for siblings, returning families, etc. and we therefore provide only a best estimate. We encourage families to check in periodically with us to understand the status of the wait list.   


We keep our waitlists updated and encourage waitlist families to inform us of any changes so that we may open up spots for other families looking to enroll. If you need to defer enrollment when offered a spot, you will continue to remain on our waitlist until the next school year. If you are still unable to accept an offered spot up to the start of the following school year, we request that you re-apply to be placed on our waitlist again. While our enrollment follows the academic calendar, off-cycle spots may become available from time to time and we will send out enrollment offers as soon as spots become available.