What program options do you have?
  • Infants (6 weeks – 12 months): Full time only.

  • Toddlers (13 months – 3 years): 2 day (Tue/Th), 3 day (M,W,F) and 5 days

  • Primary Circle (3 – 5 years, mixed age classrooms): 2 day (Tue/Th), 3 day (M,W,F) and 5 days

We do not offer half-day options. The 2 and 3 day programs will follow scheduled days only.

Is there flexibility in the days we attend the part time program?

Our part time programs are specifically set days: 2-day (T, Th) and 3 day (M, W, F).  This allows consistency for both staff and children. Parents will not be able to choose the days their children attend part-time outside of this schedule.

Do you accept CCIS?

Yes. We welcome applicants that qualify for CCIS.  Please contact us for more information.

Do you have parking spots available for drop-off and pick up?

The parking area on 16th street between Christian and Montrose Streets are 30-minute loading/unloading spots dedicated to the school from 7 am – 6 pm on weekdays.

Are we able to leave a stroller at the school?

We currently are not permitting strollers into the building due to our COVID-19 procedures. 

What security does the facility have?

The safety and security of children at Aspen Grove is a top priority:

  • The facility has multiple cameras, both exterior and interior. Exterior cameras cover entry points into both front and back doors as well provide a street view. Designated parents and caregivers are provided with a key fob to access the main entrance. This key fob is also required to access a second door that leads into classrooms.  

  • Parents and caregivers are required to sign children in and out using a 4 digit code system located at the reception area.  Children are dismissed to authorized adults only.

  • All classrooms are equipped with cameras for confidential viewing by management should a situation require review

  • A state-approved emergency plan is in place. This includes shelter of children during an emergency, both at locations away from the facility as well as a shelter in place.  Emergency evacuation training is practiced on a regular basis.

  • Fire drills are practiced regularly and all staff are regularly trained in Fire Safety and infant and child CPR.

What is your vaccination policy?

We strongly encourage all children to follow the Philadelphia public school vaccination schedule. We will follow documented exemptions per DHS regulation. Please read more at:

Even if exempt, a child may be excluded from school during an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease.

Does Aspen Grove require children to receive the influenza vaccination? 

As of August 19, 2019 the City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Health requires all children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, in all private and public childcare centers to receive 1 dose of the influenza vaccine between August 1st and December 31st. Please contact an Aspen Grove administrator if your child does not receive the vaccine due to medical disability/medical professional recommendation, religious doctrine, tenant or law or personal conviction or creed. MORE INFORMATION

What nap schedule do you follow?
  • Infants nap as needed in their cribs. We will work with families to understand and follow your child’s preferred routine.

  • Toddlers nap anytime between 12:00 pm and 3 pm in their classroom. We provide cots designated for each child.  Toddlers have an active schedule with outdoor play in the mornings so we encourage all children to nap. 

  • Preschool and Pre-K aged children nap or have quiet time between 1 pm and 3 pm. Designated cots are provided for napping. Quiet activities are an option for children who no longer nap.

What is your holiday schedule?

The school observes all federal holidays in addition to other closures.   Please review the most updated school calendar on the website. For weather-related and emergency closures, we follow the Philadelphia School District.

How can I receive documentation of tuition payments for tax purposes?
  1. Go to and access using the username and password that was set up to pay the initial registration fee

  2. Click on "Reports"

  3. Choose "Customer Charge Credit Summary" from the drop down menu and click on Run Reports. You can choose any time period. For annual tax purposes choose "Last Year".  

What is your approach to behavior management?

The foundation of our program is the creation of an emotionally safe environment for each child to thrive in.   Our curriculum focuses on a child’s social and emotional development and our teachers are trained to put control back in the child’s hands rather than a traditional anticipation that the teacher should control them.  One example of how this can be achieved is through the practice of simple exercises and tactics that help move children from the emotional part of their brain (where most toddlers live!) to the more rationale part where they can reason. Teachers serve as a guide to empower children to redirect themselves and each other by using self-regulation strategies to make helpful choices.

Our morning routine begins with some of these simple brain/body exercises and calming techniques that children do together. By becoming familiar with these exercises, a child is more likely to call on these tools when a stressful situation arises.

If a child is continually demonstrating a behavior that is not in the best interest of the classroom our teachers and staff will model a controlled gentle response by redirecting that child and offering them other choices or some space to work through their emotions in a cozy corner that is equipped with comfortable seating and books. We also have a buddy system where peers help each other navigate through high emotions and stressful situations, which is proven to be a particularly effective technique.

Drawing attention to a child's negative behavior or highlighting behavior in a way that is shaming is in direct conflict with the idea of an emotionally safe environment and is therefore not a part of our philosophy.  As children grow in age and maturity within our program we would like them to have a growing sense of their contribution to the control of the classroom and help them to feel empowered to shape its culture in a positive way.

What are opportunities for parental communication & involvement?

As parents of young children ourselves, we believe that the ideal learning environment for a child is one where school is an extension of the home and vice versa. One way of trying to achieve this is to encourage parent involvement and participation in our program.  The exchange of experiences and ideas helps us understand your child and his/her context better and encourages you to better relate to your child’s experience at school and help extend that at home. Some ways parents can be involved:

  • Email-based updates from the Head of School  

  • Parent Information Board including curriculum overview

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Daily Reports (up to 3 years) via Tadpoles App

  • Daily picture-based update - all age groups via Tadpoles App

  • Off-site community events

  • Social media interactions

  • Back-to-School Nights

How can I communicate with my child's teacher and school leadership during this time of reduced in-person interaction?

One of our top priorities is to create more opportunities for communication between families and staff. We recognize that in-person interaction with your child's teacher has been limited by the pandemic.  Here are some ways to communicate with us:

  • Tadpoles daily reports

    • All children 2 years and under should receive a daily report that includes pictures and relevant information about toilet training, nap, food intake, and activities.

    • All children 3 and older should receive daily pictures and a weekly summary of activities. 

    • All families can use the notes section of Tadpoles to provide relevant information about your child's night or early morning, or if they will not be attending school that day.

  • Teacher emails

    • Each classroom has a designated email address that the teachers will check daily. Each email address will be We ask for your understanding that teachers are unable to respond immediately. All teachers are focused on supervision and being present for your children while in the classroom. 

  • Front Desk

    • If you have something that may be more time sensitive to communicate, please call the front desk at 267-239-2504 and we will make sure your information is attended to. ​

  • Zoom Meetings

    • Please complete this form any time you would like to have a meeting with your child's teacher and we will work to set this up via Zoom. ​

What is your enrollment process?

We welcome all prospective families to join us for a virtual information session. All applications should be completed online.  The application form can be found on the “Admissions” section of our website. Within 10 business days of receiving your application, you will receive a link to pay a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $150. This application fee is required to complete your application and be placed on the wait list.  The application fee payment does not provide guarantees of enrollment or time frame for enrollment. The wait list is a fluid process of changing ages of children, start dates, consideration for siblings, returning families, etc. and therefore we provide a best estimate.  We encourage families to check in from time to time to understand the status of the wait list.  We will be enrolling every September and children will stay in their classroom from September until June, using the summer for transitions. We will also be enrolling on a rolling admissions basis for any families interested in joining before a September start.  Once a spot is offered and accepted, a 2-week security deposit will be required to secure the spot and cannot be refunded if you choose to forfeit your spot. After your child has started at the school this security deposit can be applied to your child’s last 2 weeks’ tuition, provided a 4 week written notice of withdrawal is provided.  Your child will have the opportunity to attend a meet and greet prior to their start date.  All admissions inquiries should be sent to

How long will I be kept on the waitlist if The Aspen Grove School does not have a spot for my child? 

You will remain on the waitlist until The Aspen Grove School has a spot available for your child, unless you request to be removed from the waitlist. 


How long will I be kept on the waitlist if I decline an offer for the school year?

If I decline an offer for the school year, I will be removed from the waitlist immediately.


How long will I be kept on the waitlist if I defer an offer for the school year?

You will be allocated 1 deferral for the school year. This deferral is active from August- August of that school year. Your deferral is null and void at the conclusion of the school year. You will then be removed from the waitlist and must reapply should you want to be placed on the waitlist again. You will need to follow the registration process again which includes a registration fee. 

Is my security deposit refundable?

A 2-week security deposit is required once a spot has been offered and accepted. Once a spot has been accepted and the deposit paid, it cannot be refunded if you choose to forfeit your spot. However, after your child starts at The Aspen Grove School, your security deposit will be applied to your child’s last 2 weeks’ tuition provided you submit 4 weeks’ written notice for withdrawal. 

Where can I get more information about the school’s policies?

Once your child has been enrolled, you will have access to our Parent Handbook that details all our policies. All families are required to review and sign an acknowledgement prior to your child’s start date. For questions on a specific policy please email us at

Like the Aspen community of trees that have interconnected roots, we hope to build a community of families that support their children as well as support one another in this journey of raising our special little people. It takes a village!